Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Protein Shake

12 Feb

smoothie copyIngredients:

(1 scoop) Chocolate Protein Powder

*I currently use GNC Total Lean but am in the process of finding a new protein powder that does not contain Milk.

(1 cup) Drip Coffee

(½ cup) Frozen Raspberries

(½ cup) Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk

(½ cup) Water

(1 cup) Ice

*Place all the ingredients in your (Vitamix) blender and blend!

Nutrition Facts:

152 Calories / 2.75 grams of Fat / 17.5 grams of Carbohydrates / 7.5 grams of sugar / 13.5 grams of Protein

Tips & Tricks:

–          Coffee: Don’t waste your day old coffee by dumping it down the drain! Poor it in a glass jar and store in the fridge for your smoothies.

–          Frozen Berries: To save some money, grab these at your local Costco or Sam’s Club.

–          Sweetener: If you’re looking for it to be a little sweeter, you can use sweetened almond milk or add a little bit of all natural vanilla.

–          Water/Ice: To get the consistency you want, try using more (or less).

–          Smoothie vs. Milk Shake: If you’re looking for a milkshake type consistency, add ¼ cup of fat-free cottage cheese.

I love this protein shake because it includes one of my favorite things – coffee! Coffee is my go-to drink and, most of the time, a cup of coffee starts my day. Lately though, Brandon and I have been hitting the gym early a few days a week. So instead of coffee starting off my day, I get to start my day with a few of my best friends – free weights, cardio machines and of course, Brandon! But on days like these, I can’t wait to get home and enjoy my coffee – protein shake style!


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