Spartacus Workout

11 Mar

Spartacus Workout

Time – 45 minutes

What you need:

  • Cardio Machine
  • Tabata Clock / Interval Timer
  • Dumbbells

WARM-UP: 10 minutes

  • Jump on your favorite cardio machine to get your body warmed up.


Set your interval timer to 50 sec. on + 10 sec. rest.

Repeat 3x.

1. Dumbbell Squat to Alternating Shoulder Press & Twist

2. Mountain Climber + Pushup

3. Alternating, Dumbbell Side Lunges + Bicep Curl

4. Plank

5. Alternating, Dumbbell Forward Lunges

6. Alternating, Dumbbell Clean (Single-arm)

7. Pushup Row (each arm) + Dumbbell Squat Jump

8. Squat + Alternating Reverse Lunge

9. Weighted Russian Twist

10. Straight-leg Dead-lift + Row

COOL DOWN: 5 minutes

  • Get on your warmup machine and set on low-intensity.

This workout is rumored to be the same workout that the Spartacus actors were given by their trainers – hello six-packs! It is an interval workout – shall I say anything else?

This workout is perfect to do with your partner, or a friend, because you can tailor the weight to fit you. Brandon and I love to do this workout together – I use 15 lb. dumbbells and he uses 25 lb. dumbbells – and we each get a great workout in.

Get it!


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