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Cheers to the New Year!

7 Feb


I’m almost positive that 2013 can’t top 2012 in the category of major life events – bought my first car, moved to Denver (with my then fiance), bought our first home, got married, and so much more – but 2013 is going to be another great year, just in a different way.

I love the New Year because you have an entire year, a full 365 days, to accomplish whatever you want. It just so happens to be right after one of the most stressful and busiest season’s of the year, making it a perfect time to sit back, take a breath and think. America has come to know the term ‘New Years Resolution’ – I hate the term ‘resolution’ for a few reasons, but mainly because many make them and few succeed. As shown in Media Bistro’s lovely infographic: 45% of American’s make a New Years Resolution and 25% of those who made one, don’t even make it past the first week. I like to call it ‘New Year Goals’ – to me, the term is more manageable.

Last year I was so focused on making the big move, figuring out where we were going to live and wedding planning – all on top of my busy work schedule – that I forgot to enjoy the small things in life, whatever they may be. So 2013 is going to be about accomplishing the little things and trying new things! I’m not going to detail out each one of my goals but if you read my blog, you’ll get to taste a little bit of everything that inspires my everyday life.

I am so excited to be launching my blog today – more or less, I’m excited to see what comes (or does not come) of it during the next 30 days.

Whatever the outcome, I’ll be able to say ‘I Blog’ or, in the most likely case, ‘I Blogged.’